Our Generous Sponsors for our events listed below.

The Association of Government Accounts have been a key sponsor for years. Their continuing education programs donate to the C.M.C.A. www.agacgfm.org/

The Pizza Hut donates dozens of pizzas each year for the R.I.C.A. Children s Party www.pizzahut.com

Thanks to K Kerby Spencer at Coldwell Banker Real Estate for her generous hospitality each month.

Hollywood Movie Theater in Arbutus has been a great supporter of our Children s Movie Night.

C.M.C.A. Annual Easter Egg Hunt

The Catonsville Men's Civic Association along with The Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks and the Association of Government Accountants host an Easter Egg hunt on the Saturday a week before Easter (raindate the day before Easter) at 3PM at the Lurman Woodland Theater.

Catonsville's Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Children's Home Movie Night

Twice a year, the C.M.C.A. takes a group of children from the Children's Home to the movies. The Hollywood Theater (Baltimore County's last neighborhood theater) in Arbutus provides a movie, popcorn and a drink.


Each year the C.M.C.A. hosts a dinner party, and a movie night for the residents of the R.I.C.A. school.
The Pizza is provided by Pizza Hut of Central Maryland.
The students also attend a magic show hosted by Bill Gross, the Magician.

July 4th Games and Races

C.M.C.A. will host our annual Children's Games and Races on Monday, July 4th at 9:30 am

Located on Catonsville High School groundsĀ 

There are games for children to the age of 13

Prizes for all ages

Decorated Bike Contest

Contact 410 747 4823 for more info

Children's Games and Races

The C.M.C.A. hosts Children's games on the morning of July 4th, at CHS. The games begin at 9:30 am. There are games for children through age 13. There are prizes for all ages.